My DJI Mavic Air, and why I chose it. School drones

I finally got my drone! I have long wanted, but did not dare, and now it’s time. I need it for absolutely different purposes: to make work, especially cars, and, of course, for your channel to at least somewhere were the views from the top. I also wanted to do aerial photography. In General, the causes were many, and I decided to take a little DJI.

Just after the presentation of the Spark , I realized that it was just my size: very compact and functional. And I addressed and resolved, but something was missing. And that’s what I was missing, DJI and presented – Mavic Air! It is almost Mavic Pro, but cheaper, more compact, and that is exactly what I need. And here is my copter!

In honor of this I’m starting a series of articles about drones in order to on a personal example for what we use them. And it will not just banal lessons or video — it will be an interesting story. For example, I haven’t ran the copter and I will share the basics — how to start and why I need it on the example of the Mavic Air, which I took myself and for work and for personal purposes. But we also have an experienced pilot Dmitry Ivanov, who was removed wherever possible. And where it is not possible actually, but more on that later. Here are a few shots from our last shoot.

I recommend to buy it on the official DJI store, which is located in Kiev on Basseynaya street 12. There guarantee no problems, and the best choice in the first test. And we’re friends with them for a long time 🙂

So, why take Air and not Pro or Spark, if very briefly?

1. It is compact. Mavic Pro Air much less in any condition, and in fully assembled and takes up even less space than the Spark. I just throw it in Panipat, when I bike, Spark there does not fit because the monolith. It is logical that it is easier and Mavic Pro.

2. Compared to the Spark is the 3-axis stabilization, 4K-shooting, and it is. I can do very cool picture for their videos, with Sparcom it would be a compromise.

3. Mavic Air faster, and even Mavic Pro in top speed it is inferior, more stable and so on.

4. Air has 8 GB of built-in storage, a well, when you shoot footage somewhere far away and the card ended. It is necessary to clean it that long and wrong, and then you can just switch to internal storage.

5. There is also the sensors track the obstacles in front, bottom and rear, and Mavic Pro rear blind.

6. But most importantly — it is cheaper than Pro!

I took a combo set, because some things to the base I would have to buy at once, for example, batteries, and thus charging for them. Our Mavic Pro also included combos, and there are two pleasant moments, which is not here:

1. car battery, which is sometimes needed.

2. complete bag, in which is placed a combo set, there is much more thought out, and there she and more for a small drone, and its generally uncomfortable to wear, not even a handle, only a strap for wearing over the shoulder.

This start only pleasant moments. Let’s see how it is compact, with all it flies really well, and the top speed in the sports mode, even more than the Mavic Pro — 68 km/h to 65 km/h.

And you know, without experience and it looks impressive, and scary. I specifically went into the open, took off, turned on sport mode and stepped on the gas. Drone this greatly tilts in the direction of flight and flies away instantly. But we must bear in mind that in this mode the radars and cameras that monitor the landscape and obstacles. That is, you are entirely responsible, no assistants. What does it do? For example, to remove the start of a car when measuring speed when the ground is open and the copter is not in danger, or to quickly change the location. But in a relatively complex environment, I recommend flying in normal mode with all the assistants.

Mavic Air is the second version of FlightAutonomy 2.0, which will allow even under difficult conditions to fly safely. And this was lacking before. For example, to fly home drone is not a straight line but along the planned route that will not crash and will sit it on a hard surface. This is to ensure that before he could to the water to land.

The drone builds the 3d map of environment in real time using cameras front, back and bottom, and IR sensors, and it becomes easy to manage even in the room. I tried to steer him into walls, tables, people, but it will not fly.

Of course, you can manage everything manually, but if you asked for a drone to follow you and shoot, he will build the trajectory to bend around obstacles.

It is very important that the compass and the sensors work here in the form of two independent systems, and if one gets interference, most often it was a compass, others continue to work properly and separately. Before crashing the compass could lead to fall or fly the copter, then automatically connects, so to speak, the co-pilot.

But autonomy is less — 21 minutes against 27, which is quite essential for commercial filming. But I normally, more than two batteries has not yet landed, but in my kit there are three.

The biggest disadvantage compared to the Mavic Pro controller. It is much easier and even without a screen. The controllers are smaller, so need something directly on the screen of a smartphone to do. But then the title Air, not Pro.

Remembering the suffering with the Phantom 2 when the picture had to pass through a third party FPV system on the Chinese screen with the GoPro, then just rejoice. In fact, to start the drone it takes very little time: took apart the remote, put the smartphone, turned on the drone, waited for the satellites and go. I think this is a great way to dilute your live shots that many people can’t see in principle. And yet this is the substitute operator in some sense. I just ride, remove some Postings from the copter and then dilute them live.

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