My five favorite smartphones to 40 000

The smartphone is so loose concept that it stretches from two thousand to two hundred and even more. Every time when purchasing a smartphone, almost all are thinking what to choose. It concerns not only fans of some specific brands that just buy a new device with your favorite logo perfectly use it until then, until it’s time to change something. For those who do not fixate on one manufacturer, I have prepared this collection, which included those devices that are considered the best in its category. To some it will seem standard, but smart phones in it not so much. There are plenty to choose from, so I want to share my opinion.

Up to 40 000 rubles, you can buy a lot of good smartphones.

In this article, I gathered five smartphones that deserve attention. They are not new and some of them rather peculiar, but not to mention the fact that they are tough and worth the money a hundred percent impossible. Just so happened the market that last year’s device only slightly inferior new products, but are sometimes up to two times cheaper. Although some manufacturers understand this and in no hurry to reduce the price. Especially, if she was initially not very high.

OnePlus 7T — probably the best OnePlus

On the background of the OnePlus 8 last year’s model seems very steep. It’s possible she looks even more attractive. This smartphone was released about six months ago and so buy it all, but the price has become significantly lower.

OnePlus 7T can be compared not even with the ”eight”, and with it the Pro-version. So the difference in price will be more impressive, but you still get a display with a diagonal of 6.55 inch and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Triple camera too will be good, but 8GB of RAM will only complement the image of a modern smartphone. Moreover, so far not all manufacturers in this price range offer such features.

And this smartphone is recognizable.

And he will be a shell OxygenOS, which many consider the best. I myself, if I close my eyes for a couple of flaws, very happy with it.

After the release of OnePlus 8, price 7T decreased by approximately 5000-10000 rubles depending on the seller. If I can buy it much cheaper? Not a fact, but aging all the while, he definitely will.

OnePlus 8 will lose the ability of the camera to see through objects

Perhaps OnePlus will be released soon Z, which was a lot of rumors, but most likely it will not be a competitor to the OnePlus 7T.

Realme X2 Pro — fast and not expensive

Realme is a smartphone that runs on the operating system ColorOS, like OPPO. This is not surprising considering its origin. Compare it with the OnePlus 7T difficult, as they are quite similar in their capabilities. And they are about the same.

Main camera Realme X2 Pro has four modules. Battery installed capacity of 4000 mAh with quick charging at 60 watts. The screen diagonal is 6.5 inches and it’s AMOLED with a frequency of 90 Hz. Performance all this provides a powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Realme Pro X2 for its price very good.

More about this phone have nothing to say. He’s just cool and feels great in the hand. However, if you want to learn in detail about it, you can do it from our review with sample photos and a detailed story about the device.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL — one of the best

What if you could get all the cool phone features Google Pixel less than about 30 000 rubles. It turns out that it is possible.

Last year, Google released a lightweight version of its flagship and note ”a”. She immediately ripped the templates (and not only) and gave people the opportunity to buy almost a full Google Pixel 3, which we have told you earlier, but much cheaper. For example, the camera is the ”state employees” and sometimes the comparisons were given even better pictures than the older brother.

Not only that, the picture quality is phenomenal for your middle class, you also get a Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, portrait mode and other exclusive features Pixel.

Who used Google Pixel 3a, he will understand how good it is.

Maybe there’s little sense to wait until the Google Pixel 4a, if we do wait, but it is unlikely that prices will change a lot. And the novelty still make it to our shelves, could be much higher.

Google Pixel 3a is available in two variants — 3A and 3A XL. The main differences between versions of XL will increase from 5.6 to 6 inch display and a more capacious battery of 3,700 mAh vs 3,000 mAh. Work smartphone will be Snapdragon 670, and the RAM is 4 GB.

What happened to Google? It seems Google Pixel 4a again postponed

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 — turns out it’s not so bad

After last week called the official Russian price Xiaomi Mi 10, I revised my attitude to some of its other devices. At the same time as the main series of the Mi from Xiaomi is shifting towards the premium segment of the market, the Note series still offers a lot of technology at an affordable price.

Feature of Mi Note 10 is camera 108 MP which provides good results. Formal cameras of the smartphone as many as five, but I would say that the full four. So it will be correct.

Many people love this smartphone.

Despite the average level chipset (Snapdragon 730G), Mi Note 10 still looks very good. And yet it has a headphone Jack and many argue that it has a great autonomy, although I would rate her as slightly above the market average. The battery 5 260 mAh is good, but not only it defines the autonomy.

There is still Poco F2 Pro, which is on the verge of considering the price segment and is more expensive Mi Note 10, but it will be a Snapdragon 865 and leaving frontalka.

NOT a top for your money — as MI10 dispelled the aura of nobility Xiaomi

SE 2020 Apple iPhone — cheap iPhone

This year Apple revealed the iPhone the second generation SE, which costs less than $ 40,000, yet offers the top features of iron. I already talked about it on one of our sites. Let him only one camera, but it exclusively affects the additional modes like television and sversheniy. Otherwise, the camera shoots very well. And new works on the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro, and doing some performance tests even Snapdragon 865.

iPhone SE 2 for sure will find many fans.

The only drawback to iPhone SE the second generation is an obsolete design with a thick frame and Home button on the front panel. The last unit with this design was the iPhone 8 in 2017. But the novelty has protection against water to a very high standard, and wireless charging.

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