Mysterious insider predicted the growth of the Ripple to 589 dollars. The coin was suspected of having links with the Rothschilds

In the community Ripple there is a theory according to which the price of cryptocurrency should reach $ 589 before the end of this year. Such a sharp price jump, investors divided into two camps — some believe in the prophecy of the mysterious insider Bearableguy123, others believe it to be the usual fake.

At the time a Bearableguy123, who identified himself as an insider from team Ripple, the predicted increase in the price of the coin to unimaginable level. According to him, the main reason for growth will be the release of updates xRapid, which will help the project to capture most of the market for international payments. In other details of the case sorted out AMBCrypto.

Ripple fights for world domination

Why Bearableguy123 actually trust someone? Last year, anonymous made some very accurate predictions about future transactions between Ripple and large companies. All the predictions of the insider turned out to be true, he even foresaw the growth of cryptocurrencies to 3.65 a dollar in the end of last year.

In the community of the coin often post a picture that symbolizes the dominance of XRP over Bitcoin and the dollar. Just below is the CEO of Ripple brad Garlinghouse in the image of the knight, near silent king himself Bearableguy123. On the right hand of the puppeteer, which prompted many on the theory of Ripple communication and the Rothschilds.

Can Ripple do to grow to $ 589 and what will be the capitalization of the coins? Many members of the community ripple’s believe that the key factor in this issue will update xRapid. It will enable the project to handle the huge flow of transactions per second. In fact in the future Ripple can become a major currency for cross-border payments.

At the moment the global payment system SWIFT handles about 4.7 trillion dollars a day. If xRapid is at least one percent market share, trading volume of Ripple will rise to 47.8 billion dollars. In this case, the price of cryptocurrency will rise to about 5.56 USD. And 10 percent of the market SWIFT will raise the coin value to 55,6 dollars.

Following this logic, even if the Ripple is completely replaced by SWIFT (which is statistically impossible), the XRP price would reach only $ 526. Technical Director at Ripple David Schwartz has an opinion about a new price record cryptocurrencies.

It all depends on our ambitions. What if Ripple is the current market share of Bitcoin? Coin price will rise to $ 2. What if Ripple is massively used for international payments? Most likely, it will rise to $ 120.

In any case, the possibility of raising XRP to 589 USD is negligible even in the long run, not that up to the end of the year. Start xRapid can move ripple to the upside, but is unlikely to pump will be too noticeable.

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