Myths about Bluetooth, which we still believe

Have long been the technology of Bluetooth is used in our smartphones. Thanks to her gadgets work great paired with a smart watch, the least intelligent speakers, headphones and a bunch of other similar devices. However, around Bluetooth still hovers a lot of myths, many of which for a number of users are almost axiomatic. However, let’s try to dispel the conventional wisdom about Bluetooth. And did you believe them? Share your opinion after reading the article in our chat in Telegram.

Bluetooth is surrounded by many myths

The contents

The Bluetooth reduces the battery life

Bluetooth does not affect battery life thanks to new communication standards

This myth originates from the time of occurrence of the Bluetooth. And once he was true. In the early days of technology the first version of the module really “ate” the battery pretty hard. There were even devices that had a separate button for switching on / off Bluetooth. Today, however, the wireless modules have very different standards and the same is equipped with Bluetooth technology Low Energy (LE). It allows you to save battery and to work in the search mode and pair your devices only when you need it, and not “stretch the battery” all the time, as the old version. For example, if you’ve connected your smartphone with the headphones through Bluetooth, the module will work only when the song being played. The rest of the time it will not waste battery power.

Bluetooth is bad for your health

Harm Bluetooth for health greatly exaggerated

Strictly speaking, such a myth going around any of the wireless modules. But if we consider Bluetooth, the peak power of the module will equal 100 milliwatts. And this is the maximum load which is achieved when you connect 3-5 devices at the same time. As a rule, the power of Bluetooth is much less. For comparison: in modules, 3G or 4G, their capacity is equal to 1000 and 2000 MW respectively. And studies proving the almost complete absence of health effects even of these modules has enough.

Bluetooth works only on short distance

Modern Bluetooth modules are working at a great distance

In fact, all Bluetooth devices are divided into 3 classes depending on the range. The “nedalniy” has a range of about 5 meters, followed by modules a range of 10 meters, and close the three modules with a radius of up to 100 meters. Of course, all this is true for open spaces without obstacles, but even in a small apartment most of the modules have to cope with the distance and work without problems even if you are in the next room from the source.

Bluetooth interferes with Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and wifi do not interfere with each other

Like most other wireless technologies, Bluetooth uses radio frequency of 2.4 GHz for sending and receiving data. This is the same frequency used and your home Wi-Fi network, provided that you are certainly not “boarded” for more prodvinut version of your router, which operates at a frequency of 5 GHz. However, despite the fact that the frequency of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may be the same, the entire frequency range is divided into channels. And a Bluetooth module typically selects the least loaded, so as not to interfere with the operation routers. The same operation can be done some models of routers, so that experience is that the standards “conflict” not worth it.

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