Myths about radiation. What is true and what is not

Mutations, glow, and protection… Radiation is probably something around which a lot more myths than around anything else. It is not visible and how it affects people, know far not all. Then there’s the creators of militants on a couple of video game developers come up with additional ”facts”. In the end, everyone thinks what he wants, but no one really can say what is radiation and how to deal with it. Myths are becoming more and more, and due to the wide spread of social networks, they sometimes just fly with frightening speed. Let’s see what we know the myths and what is true. We have prepared for you a few revelations. Shall we?

Radiation is dangerous, but something about her is a myth

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If lead protects from radiation

It is believed that the lead is almost the only way to protect against radiation. Something truthful in that statement is, but completely true to assume this is impossible for several reasons.

First and foremost we must understand that there are different types of radiation. When different types of radiation are emitted by different particles, and not all of them are able to stay with lead. There are those for whom the lead just useless, and there are those for whom simply don’t need.

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For example, alpha rays (the nuclei of atoms of helium-4) is very effectively trapped literally fine fabrics. That is, you need to be in clothes and glasses. In this case, the radiation will not reach your skin or make it very weak values. To suffer from this, you can’t.

This is the opposite of beta radiation. Here we are talking about electrons, which have a much lower ionizing ability. However, their penetration, on the contrary, much higher. However, there is quite some small protection, for example, foil.

Foil saves you from radiation, but it should not do.

There is also gamma radiation. He has a relatively small ionizing ability, but it is the best among other types of radiation penetrating ability. That is why it is considered the most dangerous, as it is quite difficult to defend. It is believed that this type of radiation and must protect the lead in all its manifestations.

The lead really would be more effective than some other types of protection. With the same thickness of lead protection, it will trap more particles due to their higher density, but it cannot be considered a panacea for radiation.

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First and foremost, we must understand that the layer of lead should still be large enough to somehow be protected from serious danger. That’s why, when we are talking about bunkers and nuclear power plants, much easier to use a slightly thicker layer of concrete. He and the construction is simpler and not as toxic. While toxicity is a problem not only in production but also in the time spent in this bunker.

When the radiation is really serious, you need to go into the bunker, the rest will not help.

Is it true radioactive substances glow

Largely thanks to video games like Half-Life and the movies, disasters, people think that radioactive substances glow in some bright light, but it’s not. Sometimes radioluminescence — the so-called associated with the radioactivity of the luminescence is still observed, but very rarely. Even in those cases, when the glow is, it is caused not by the radioactivity of the material, and how the interaction of radiation with the surrounding materials.

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An example is the watch hands, which were applied in mechanisms 20-30-ies of the last century. For these arrows glow radium is included in the paint is copper-based and zinc sulfide. As a result, they glowed green and the clock, which survived until our days, still lit, which suggests that the radiation from them goes on. Apparently from that came the idea that radioactive objects and liquids should be off.

Actually it is not so.

In nature, the luminescence is also found, but the fireflies or plants, it is in any way related to radiation and caused by other processes. In the case of radioluminescence, you just have to understand that it occurs extremely rarely and only when interacting with other substances. Even uranium salts, which themselves have the green light, not glow in the decay.

If radiation person

As all cases of radiation pollution and deaths associated with human activities, it is assumed that radiation is, in principle, the work of human hands, but it’s not.

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Radiation has a completely natural origin. It was before us and will exist, even if we ourselves or something will destroy us on this planet. For example, sunlight is also radiation, just it is heavily filtered by our atmosphere. Although, in the tropics, where the rays pass through the atmosphere in a straight line, the natural background radiation is quite high. Die from it is unlikely to succeed, but at the poles it is safer as.

The tan is fine, but it is necessary to sunbathe with mind. don’t forget the cream.

Everywhere in space is radiation. All due to the fact that it is nothing but high-energy particles that ionize atoms. As a result, they can lead to structural changes and even destroy the molecules of the human body. Nuclei of some atoms are unstable and they emit particles to move in a stable condition. In the end, it turns out alpha, beta or gamma radiation.

These particles are everywhere. Therefore, there is the concept of ”natural background radiation”. It does not cause harm to humans as we adapt to it, but with excessive doses, like Sunny places and areas with radiation tests or disasters, it is better to be careful.

When we write about radiation, it causes the great resonance among our readers. They write many comments, but discuss this much more in our Telegram chat. You can literally be counted. And to argue about it interesting.

Does iodine protect against radiation

Iodine is absolutely no way to protect from radiation. But in some way to help he can. The fact that the thyroid gland accumulates iodine for the body’s needs. During radiation emission in the air and on different objects (including food) is a lot of radioactive iodine-131. The thyroid gland is arranged so that it actively absorbs any iodine until ”fill the warehouse”. In the end, while radiation accidents are advised to take iodine, so the thyroid gland gets what she needs. Excess iodine (radioactive) will be removed from the body. Otherwise, it may lead to the development of cancer.

Simple iodine from the first aid kit is indispensable for some types of pollution, but just piccatta they should not.

Of the need to take iodine should inform MOE. If during a disaster in the air contains small amounts of radioactive iodine, then shock dose it can only harm the body. The same applies to other substances (including vitamins) that are considered radioprotectors. If there is a nuclear power plant, it is best to have a supply of these substances, but take them only if I say.

Walking with a dosimeter is not required. If something happens, you say. Should, at the very least.

Could radiation cause mutations

Many people watch movies and think that exposure to radiation opens up the body to the new super-powers. In fact, the radiation can actually cause mutations, but it is extremely unlikely will be so good that its bearer will take ”X-Men”.

What are mutations and how do they differ

Radiation can damage the DNA helix. Often damage is localized and affects only one thread. In this case, the damaged areas can be replaced with nucleotides. If the damage is in both threads, then completely lost the genetic information and the cell can start the self-destruct mechanism.

Around and running radiation therapy for cancer patients. Even cancer cells can self-destruct if they will the strong structural changes. On the other hand, a normal cell can become cancerous if they get damaged.

To joke with the radiation is not necessary, but it should “know in person” and understand how to deal with it.

To worry much about it not worth it, if you follow elementary safety rules. For example, if you are under the scorching sun without sunscreen. Background radiation can cause harm to humans, as it gets used to it, but if you for a few days moving to high radiation, for example, close to the nuclear polygon, or in a hot country, it is necessary to be very careful. The cells of the skin epithelium can be damaged. One of the most unpleasant effects is the development of melanoma has a very poor prognosis from the point of view of treatment.

Remember that myths about radiation relate primarily to the understatement of its damage. So take care of yourself, more beware of hot sun, especially at midday when it is most active, and stay away from radiation tests and disasters.

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