N Academy under the cultural compass to million student

نون أكاديمي تحتفي بوصلها إلى مليوني طالب

Celebrated N. Academy today reaching the number special access to more than two million students since its launch in 2013 in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, coinciding with its arrival to the Egyptian market, which has contributed to raising the number of participants and achieve a big leap.

And platform n Academy new teaching methods and bold, so as to make the student is in control of how his studies through its ability to schedule lessons and to enjoy the study, via live interactive with the instructor chosen in different materials, and then can assessment as it deems appropriate, which raises the transparency on the site for students and others wishing to study at home.

And platform N on the thousands of teachers registered from various countries who, in turn, offers lessons in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, science, and English. Thus, the product allows them an additional income for the benefit of the students.

Stated founding Nona academic, Mohamed rib Sudan Abdulaziz happy, about their quest of making the product is the largest in the world by saying: “nun Academy strives to be the product of educational, social first in the world, through the teaching of 50 million students over the next five years and expansion in other emerging markets and to attract investors with value added.”

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