N. launches their own products the by about mid 90’s

نون تطلق علامتها الخاصة من المنتجات وتبدأها بنحو 90 منتج

The platform launched N range of new products on the App Store UAE under the brand of its own on behalf of the east by noon, and this mark to about 90 new product will provide to consumers in the UAE can expect a patch work in other areas.

The organization says that consumers will be able to get a new set of products at different prices competitive for the region, where you will have the range of products on the links UBS, backup batteries for phones and, next to cotton towels, analyzed the Cook of the Granite, clothing, men, etc.

Commenting on this launch, said Nona for Arabian Business it had held agreements with manufacturers, suppliers trusted to deliver these products and provide to consumers, these products come in a simple design classic appealing to consumers in the region.

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