Naked Labs has released a mirror that shows all the hidden

Many would be interested to know, what does a startup with the intriguing title Naked Labs. The company manufactures mirrors and scales. Their task is to output the most detailed information on bodies of their clients. For this reason, Naked Labs turned the mirror into a 3D scanner.

For use of the company’s designs need to stand on a platform that will measure your weight at the same time rotating around its axis in front of the mirror. The mirror at this point will create a three-dimensional model of your body. As a result, you will get detailed information on your smartphone.

It is possible to learn not only the weight but the body mass index, fat mass, muscle mass, condition, progress, and even such information as the amount of your left bicep or leg length.

Cost Naked Labs show your product, how the company immediately drew $ 14 million of investment from various venture capital funds. The thing in the broad potential of the technology. Mirror Naked from the Labs can be used not only to improve their physical fitness. Development can be useful for selection of products in the online clothing stores, for example.

The data obtained using the smart mirrors can be useful for every company that is somehow connected with your body. If you look very far, you can imagine the services suitable to the manufacture of furniture to order, or automatic adjustment of seats and mirrors in the car on the basis of data obtained from the mirror.

At the moment the mirror from Naked Labs is 1395 dollars. In the future the company hopes to make it more accessible and put in every gym and health facility.

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