Named the best smartphone of 2019. Surprised?

The perfect smartphone does not exist. This statement is hard to dispute though, because the preferences of one user will always be different from the preferences of the other. So even if some manufacturer manages to launch a really cool device, there are certainly those who cursed his worth. However, experts Expert Imaging and Sound Association have approached the most unbiased and chose a smartphone, which in their opinion reflects the preferences of most buyers.

This smartphone has become the flagship Huawei P30 Pro. Despite the fact that this is primarily a camera phone, the jury found that he was not deprived of other advantages. In particular, experts highly appreciated the performance of the model, faster fingerprint scanner and protection from water and dust, which is lacking in the machines of competitors.

Huawei P30 Pro — features and price

Huawei P30 Pro

However, the main asset of P30 Pro is certainly its camera. A quadruple module with a resolution of 40 MP smartphone provides higher quality footage in almost any conditions. Even photos taken in low-light conditions, the flagship Huawei do betterthan the Google Pixel 3 with support for advanced night mode. Affected larger sensor and high quality optics manufactured by German Studio Leica.

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Did not disappoint, and other characteristics. The smartphone is equipped with a large 6.5-inch display with rounded edges, the processor Kirin 980 and 8GB of RAM. This set of specifications gives the device the highest level of performance, which allows it to run on max settings any game, render a video in 4K and, of course, to shoot and process images in RAW format.

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The appearance of Huawei P30 Pro – a separate song. The designers managed to draw a really nice smartphone, which attracts the views of others. And its shimmering heel cap, moulded from multiple layers of glass, is truly remarkable. If you look at it it seems that you are looking at creeping silk, and not on the glass back of the smartphone.


Since the estimation was unbiased, the jury was bounced from the retail price of the device, given only its capabilities. However, not to say it is dishonest in relation to buyers. Because of the innuendo between Huawei and the USA right now, the company is forced to sell Huawei P30 Pro for less than 50 thousand rubles. Of course, the price can not be called small, but offered for the money does not pass.

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