Named the main disadvantage of all folding smartphones. And it’s not fading

Foldable smartphones – the most controversial innovation that the market has seen over the past few years. Even 3D cameras that had begun to appear in smartphones in early Teens, looked more practical than folding in half displays. Initially, the main claim to such devices consisted in creases, which appear in the crease, but as it turned out, they may be far from such an annoying problem, as scratches that can leave even the human nail.

According to Dan Dery, Vice President of the company Motorola product to make smartphone displays to bend in half, producers had to abandon the protective glass in favor of plastic film. For obvious reasons it is much less effective in protection than tempered glass, which, though collects small scratches, all can not suffer from improper movement of the finger. In contrast to the folding devices, which can suffer from anything.

The main problem of folding smartphones

“We carried out tests similar to OLED panels with a plastic protective film, — explained Deri. – Was that even touching the display with your fingernail can leave a visible scratch. [Foldable OLED panel] objectively have a shorter life span, counted from the moment of extraction of the smartphone out of the box”.

Even if the user will behave with the utmost care and time to cut their nails, touching the display, foldable smartphone exclusively to the pad of the fingers, to avoid minor injuries will still be impossible. Remember the devices with resistive panels, which react to pressure, and not to the circuit as capacitive. After a few months of use they were worn out from plural taps, turning into one big scar.

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