Named the most useless function standard

Some of the features of modern smartphones that manufacturers give for innovation, are highly controversial, experts say “”. report has been reviewed by colleagues and leads a short list of innovations, the neglect of which will help to save money when buying a new machine.


Along with incredible even by the standards of desktop solutions three-four years ago performance flagship processors, the components of the hardware capabilities of the vast majority of smartphones of the top price segment, offers users native support for artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, at the moment the CPU AI is simply unable to realize their full potential, as a rule, doing a smoothing of the pictures and activating the power saving mode, says “”. Such limited functionality is weakly correlated with the price that manufacturers charge for smartphones with “smart” chips.


In the modern world virtually no scenarios that can justify the existence displays with ppi increased more than 700. The only thing good such high-resolution mobile virtual reality helmets, the extent of which, however, still leaves much to be desired.

Dolby Atmos

Despite the technical advancement and obvious appeal of this format audio playback, support for which is not without pride tell smartphone manufacturers, it will not work without additional accessories. Buying a smartphone with support for Dolby Atmos, remember to activate it, you must connect the device to external audio with support for multichannel audio.

In addition, the list of experts was the ability to shoot 4K video mode for Super Slo-Mo, 3D Touch, the support of augmented reality technologies, animaze and split-screen capability.

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