NASA has found a new iceberg the size of London

Scientists from the NASA Earth Observatory showed the next iceberg that has formed over many kilometers cracks in the ice shelf brunt. Ice block affects primarily its size: according to researchers, its area is 1.7 thousand square kilometers. This is comparable to the area of London or a small African country (Mauritius). Details are reported on the organization’s website.

Now on the glacier brunt of running the world’s first fully mobile Arctic station — Halley VI. The latter will have to change your location, because as soon as two cracks on the glacier unite, it will break away a huge iceberg, which will be the largest in the history of observations for the given object. The speed of crack propagation is approximately 4 kilometers per year.

To follow the movement of cracks can be due to photos taken in 1989 and in January 2019.

The study of glacier brunt began in 1915, research station working on it for over 60 years. Due to cracks Halley VI had already moved three years ago. It is not excluded that this time would again need to shift the Arctic station.

The Antarctic ice sheet in 2017, has lost more than 250 billion tons of ice. In the next few decades, melting ice of Antarctica could add to a rise in Global sea level of several meters. It may seem that ice is still a lot, but in fact, losses are already catastrophic. Blame climate change, which leads to a sustained reduction of mass and area of Arctic ice.

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