NASA has selected the winner of competition on development of Martian dwellings

Space Agency NASA has summed up the results of his Mars Habitat Challenge competition held with even 2015. In its framework the participants had to present the best of the concept of creation of the Martian colonies. In the final stage of the competition, we will remind, have passed three teams. The winner was the architectural firm AI Factory Space, presented their concept of housing MARSHA. The company has introduced the concept of a 15-metre base of the capsule from biodegradable and recyclable basalt composite that can be obtained from Martian resources. The construction of the database involves the use of 3D printing technology.

The concept provides adaptable design depending on the requirements of the Mars mission, for which NASA conducted a contest.

New York-based company managed to get around 60 participants of the competition in which the American space Agency was hoping to gather the idea of developing a robust space of dwellings that may be required in the framework of a long mission in deep space. Presents the design bases MARSHA was developed with consideration of the peculiarities of the Martian environment, but as a whole the concept provides adaptability depending on the requirements of a particular environment. The only condition was the creation of the inner garden, where the colonialists could walk, enjoying the clean and fresh air.

The company has created a small prototype of an innovative mixture of basalt fibers and plant-based plastic. NASA tested the materials for strength, fire resistance and protection against deformation and came to the conclusion, that this concept is significantly stronger and safer than the options presented by other participants of the competition.

Unlike most of the other presented works, the concept MARSHA proposes the construction of vertical structures with multiple levels. The interior space of the competition floor and ceiling. In General, modern concept and well-organized interior lighting is allowed to be allocated to this concept for the rest.

Founder and CEO of AI SpaceFactory David Malott told that the main focus in the development of this concept was to create an adaptable structure, capable for many years to withstand the harsh environmental conditions on other planets.

“We developed these technologies for space but they are able to change the way we think about how it would be possible to build houses here on Earth. Using natural, biodegradable plant materials can significantly reduce waste from construction industry in the form of UN-recyclable concrete,” commented Malott.

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