NASA needed another $ 20 billion to land men on the moon by 2024

NASA need another 20-30 billion dollars over the current budget of the space Agency to land men on the moon by 2024. This was told by NASA administrator Jim Breidenstein. “Think of it as short-term investments, which will allow you to get a stable program on the moon, after which we eventually go to Mars”, said Bridenstine.

How much money to NASA for lunar exploration?

Future mission landing on the moon, dubbed Artemis after the Greek goddess, whose brother was Apollo, has already caused some controversy after a speech of Donald trump, who in may said he wanted to send astronauts to the moon, and a week ago, I wrote that it was a waste of time.

“NASA shouldn’T say about sending to the moon — We did it 50 years ago. They should focus on much more important things that we do, including Mars (part of which is the Moon),” wrote trump on Twitter on 7 June.

However, Bridenstine not seem to be afraid of the uncertainty of the President. He pretends that trump just talks about the broader context.

“How can we learn to live and work in the other world, namely on the moon then go to Mars and make it so that at the end of all this the Americans had a program that they would be proud of for a very long time?”, asked Breidenstein in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

The current space budget of NASA is around $ 20 billion a year, and any increase in budget must go through Congress. Breidenstein has repeatedly said that Congress can find the money. Mode trump has filed a request for an additional $ 1.6 billion to NASA budget for the next fiscal year.

However, without additional NASA funding, from whatever quarter, any future trip and landing on the moon will likely be postponed to 2028. And it would be a problem for trump because, obviously, his concern is not space, but only the honor he would have received if this mission took place during his presidency.

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