NASA published a study on the changes in the human body in space through the comparison between the astronauts twin

As long as the American space agency NASA still does a lot of studies that can be described as weird but it’s kind of aims within the service Marib human level, and these studies research was compared between twins of astronauts, we spent one period of a full year on the International Space Station from 2015 to 2016 is Scott Kelly as he, his twin brother and teammate Mark Kelly on the ground in the same period, where the study revealed that changes in the human body in space, including genetic changes don’t last forever with the survival of some of the negative impacts of trip affect on its owner.

Statement of the study published by NASA on Thursday some of the surprising results of a comparison between the Twins during the period of 340 days of time served Scott in space; at the time he was with his brother Marc under the control of the examinations and standing to see how the influence of space on human study of genetic changes that occur and their impact on the long term or in case of stay for longer, such as a trip to Mars.

It turns out the return of the majority of the changes that the owner Scott is in space to their natural state shortly after its landing on Earth; and still after 6 months which included swelling of the feet and on the level of microbes in the intestine as well as for the loss of some cognitive abilities, with persistence of some negative impacts such as television in some of the cells.

However, the snap was in the length of the coupon terminal or telomere a segment at the end of chromosome library DNA, it has become the longer has it available in the International Space Station, where the telomeres a measure of ageing and the increased human lifespan Palace of telomeres by reverse relation, to the astonishment of the researchers has increased after the arrival of Scott to earth to find that telomere length may shrink to become shorter compared to the results of the previous examination for the ride!

And the agency through the study of telomeres to reverse the effects associated with the championship in his palace on Aging and other diseases where the scientists are currently studying the possibility of increasing the length of the telomere to overcome cancer.

And this study is significantly important due to it being training, and conditioning of the human in the space environment over a certain length as they paint lines on the to predict long-term outcomes; in addition to their knowledge base deeper of how to adapt the human with the external pressures which include dealing with the disease and the response of the human body to the drugs used in the environment of MG.

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