NASA reveal early version of the plane fully electric

Offered us space agency NASA NASA an early version of the first plane optional electrically operated fully, which is X-57 Maxwell, in her lab famous Aeronautics in the California desert.

It was the development of the aircraft since 2015, and is still on after at least one year of its journey, the first pilot in the sky of the base of the Edward air, and is convinced of the aircraft Tecnam P2006T Italian twin-engine.

Considers NASA to plane X-57 Maxwell ready for the first test a year after tying the largest engine of between 14 engine electrically, which allow the Flying of the aircraft operating with lithium-ion batteries specially designed.

He also offered us space agency simulator the newly created allows engineers and pilots to choose the feeling of flying in a plane, although the plane still under development.

The X-57 Maxwell the latest in a series of experimental aircraft developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration over the past several decades for many purposes, including the Bell X-1 that broke the sound barrier for the first time, and the X-15 rocket-which is hypersonic.

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At the same time that the development of the companies own electric aircraft and vehicles are since years, the Project X-57 Maxwell, NASA aims to design and prove the technology according to the criteria that manufacturers can trade adapted to obtain government certificates.

These standards include the standards of airworthiness and safety, as well as for energy efficiency and noise.

Said Brent Copley Brent Cobleigh, project manager for the research center Armstrong research flight of the NASA at Edwards north Los Angeles: we focus on things that can help the whole industry, not just one company, our goal now is to fly this aircraft in late 2020.

The final modification of the aircraft on the wings narrower, lighter and equipped with a total of 14 engine electrical, 6 of which are on the front edge of each wing, in addition to the two engines is greater at the tip of each wing.

Given that systems electric motor smaller in size with fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines, it is simpler maintenance and lower weight, which requires less energy to fly, they are also quieter than traditional motors, and according to the explanations Copley.

One challenge in improving the battery technology to store more energy to expand the scope of the flight the aircraft, with recharge faster, but due to the current limitations of the battery, it was the design of the aircraft for use in flight of the short-term as a taxi or a passenger plane for a small number of passengers.

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