NASA will now allow you to sign up to get a boarding pass to Mars


Do you ever dream of going to space and explore new worlds and planets for? If you are, you might achieved your dream finally. Announced the space agency NASA that it became possible interested in going to space the registration card to get up to Mars. It should be noted that this does not mean that you’re going to Mars, but will put your name on board the vehicle to Mars in 2020 that will be sent to the planet next door, which means that you will reach the Mars in name only.

This will be achieved using electron-beam to save more than a million the name of the vehicle, which means that your chances to see your name are very slim, but boarding the vehicle ” will be a proof that your name is on the vehicle ” and that you are now part of space history. Will be able to any person shopping for a card hard, it seems that all it takes is your name and email and zip code and the country in which you are from.

This is not sensitive information and can be searched on the internet, so no need to worry about the possibility that this is just the process of fraudulent or be used to seek additional information about you. According to the head of the Directorate for Science, Space Agency NASA, Mr. Thomas Zurbuchen, it has stated by saying : ” While we prepare to launch Mars mission this historic, we want everyone to participate in a journey of exploration of this. It’s an exciting time for NASA, and we’ll start this journey to answer profound questions about our neighbor planet, and even the origins of life itself “.

If you are interested in getting a card up your name to Mars, you have reached the official website Space Agency NASA through this link HERE.

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