National Society for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia use the attack on the application (Absher)

اسبوع الهدايا

الجمعية الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان في السعودية تستنكر الهجوم على تطبيق (أبشر)National Society for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia use the attack on the application (preach the gospel)

Denounced the National Assembly for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia strongly, fever, disinterested organization that is backed by some of the people for the purpose of targeting the application portal of the Ministry of the interior (preach the gospel).

The group said the app’s service has contributed and contributes effectively in providing multiple services and diverse all segments of citizens and residents in the kingdom, which enabled them to accomplish their transactions easily and conveniently at any time and from any place in the world.

Explained Friday that this application tool is service, not control, and that the beneficiary essentially is a citizen and resident.

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The campaign, disinterested and under the protection of the rights of women, her goal is to harm the families of the Saudi assault on her privacy and interference in its affairs and impeding the utilization of the facilities provided by the application, which contributed to the elimination of waiting lists for citizens and residents in front of the headquarters of the organs of the various government to accomplish their transactions.

She referred to the National Assembly for human rights, she lives the importance of this application to members of the community and the various segments of the public, especially women, the elderly and the disabled, and take positions politically motivated to use e-services is not acceptable.

  • A report from Sky News Arabia.

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