Navigation gestures in the Galaxy S10 get feedback finest

Galaxy S10

In addition to the security fixes for the month of June, it leapt at the Samsung team also to add the feature of elegant to the series phones Galaxy S10 Series with updated special this month, and living here is feedback finest gestures development.

Before the update, there haven’t been any replies telling you that you have completed the gesture successfully, but that will change after you install the new update, it has become there are vibrations small tell you that you’re back to your home screen or open the list of recent applications. Although there are some users who are not interested in this change, there is also at the same time some of the users who submit a lot of these water stylish.

But in order to operate the feedback Lindsay that, you will have to activate the feedback option finest in the settings menu. This does not mean that the engine vibration will work every time you touch the screen, it will only work while using the navigation gestures or navigation buttons virtual traditional.

Although this update has yet to reach all markets, but it will be for everyone in the end because it is not launched by Samsung in phases. You may have to wait a few days before this update to your device, and you can also try to check the availability of this update for your device manually through the option system update in the settings menu.


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