Nearly 50 percent of tokens Metronome was in the hands of three investors

In October last year, the startup Metronome has announced the ICO coins MET — according to the businessman, “the best in the world.” Now the situation raises questions. The project investors said that almost 50 percent of the tokens in the hands of the three largest depositors. This writes Bitcoinist.

How to invest in ICO and not lose everything

Disgruntled investors has published on a Reddit post, in which he called out the numbers of the Ethereum-wallet the three largest owners of the tokens MET.

All whales have invested in the coin is $ 3.3 billion and obtained a controlling stake in the project for a few minutes before the auction. Connected investors with each other, is unknown.

Metronome has released 10 thousand tokens, 20 percent of which remained with the company. ICO was held in the format of “self-contained auction with decreasing price.” The amount that the project managed to attract during the ICO, is not disclosed.

To deal with the purchase of MET will help this statement.

It seems that in the near future, the regulators will impose for ICO projects new restrictions, which this time will relate to violations of the antitrust laws. Projects work on the same principle with a Metronome, for the sake of profit is given control over the coin to a narrow group of people. It is unlikely that such a situation will satisfy the Supervisory authorities.

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