Need for speed: top 6 of cryptocurrency with the fastest generation units

There are many different aspects that you need to consider when creating a successful CryptoStream. All of them use the blockchain to record transactions and other data. NullTX collected six cryptocurrencies that generate the largest number of blocks for 24 hours.


PIVX is one of the most popular anonymous kripalu. A coin is often used for translations, so the network PIVX constantly busy. In the last 24 hours the blockchain PIVX has generated more than 1827 blocks.

The project was created with fixed production unit — every 60 seconds. On average, PIVX gives about 1440 blocks per day, but this number fluctuates due to the constantly changing complexity of mining.


At the time, Verge has become a stumbling block for cryptocommunist. Cryptocurrency fell after unexpected news and are often subjected to hacker attacks.

However, the Verge is still used by many cryptomnesia. In the last 24 hours in the network of the coins appeared 2591 new block.


Digibyte has become a very good investment in 2017. The project still operates stably for days the network Digibyte generated 5777 blocks. This cryptocurrency is one of the fastest — the new unit appears here every 15 seconds.

Ethereum Classic

Fork Ethereum was not stillborn — cryptocurrency is developing in its own way. ETC generates blocks every 14 seconds. In total, over 24 hours in the cryptocurrency network appeared 6067 new units.


The Ethereum — the second most popular coin after Bitcoin, although yesterday it changed. Platform for decentralized applications has good potential for rapid and convenient transfer of money.

Generation time block of 14.2 seconds. However, sometimes the Ethereum network may be too loaded. Then the transaction cost skyrockets and they can go to the receiver clock.


Finally, the first place ranking went to EOS. Cryptocurrency handles blocks are a little different principle. Centralization EOS can be a disadvantage, but it does not interfere with the coin to generate 172 500 units in one day. At the moment it is the fastest and most reliable tool for cryptocurrency transactions.

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