NEO is preparing for war with Binance. The project will start DEX-exchange

Co-founder NEO Fabio Kinesin on Neo DevCon 2019 has announced the launch date of Nash decentralized crypto currency exchange. Kinesin and the rest of the Nash team is ready to present to the community the app that includes all the properties of DEX-exchange. To run the NEO community were asked to test the software to identify all the potential bugs and vulnerabilities. According to sources, the launch of the beta planned Nash on March 31.

According to the team, Nash exchange is designed to eliminate all the problems of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. While Nash is not a simple DEX-exchange. Kinesin describes it as “financial platform for future economy”. Recall that Nash is the result of the rebranding of the former Neon crypto currency exchange Exchange (NEX). In this case, for exchange will still be a token, under the Ticker symbol NEX.

The screenshot of the interface of Nash decentralized crypto currency exchange

The developers have paid attention to the launch of the referral program, which will allow you to earn on attracting in exchange for new traders. And as Kinesin proudly announced at the presentation, Nash will be able to work with users from USA from the very first minute after launch. In addition to the perfect user experience, the team also took care to ease their decentralized platform for developers. The project is founded by the 5 founders of the largest community developers Neo, City of Zion.

Of course, Nash is not the only DEX-crypto currency exchange on the market. The main and perhaps the strongest competitor in the industry speaks Binance. The world’s largest crypto currency exchange has announced the launch of its own decentralized platform last year.

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