Netflix allocates $ 2 million additional financing original content


I paid Netflix billions of dollars to create original content, it seems they won’t slow down any time soon. Stated Netflix and they collected two billion dollars through bond offering and the funds that will be used in the production of content with development in addition to its use in the ” for general corporate purposes “.

But the annual expenditure of the company on original content to $ 12 million. This is much more than his competitors. Added Netflix nearly 700 hours of original content to its library in the second quarter of this year. This represents an increase of 50 percent compared with the second quarter.

Will Netflix sell 2 million in debt securities to qualified buyers of the institutions. Most of the bonds will be denominated in euros and the US dollar. Will determine the rate of interest and date of maturity of debt for bonds at a later time.

It is clear that they need more money to continue to invest in original content high quality. Aims Netflix to make original content represents the largest part of its own library, even if the company was in its beginning you borrow content from other companies.

It was a strategy to create original content for the main engine for the growth of the participants. The report showed the past the latest of the company growth of the number of participants in the service exceeded expectations although the market is still concerned about the company’s strategy of spending big on original content and losses even at a time when growing numbers of participants.


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