Netflix allows to watch favorite performances on the story of Instagram where they will be for users of the iPhone

نتفليكس تتيح مشاركة العروض المفضلة على قصة إنستقرام لمستخدمي آيفون

Social media is very important factors in the promotion of increased talk about the business or event certain, which and Netflix recently particularly after the launch of the movie Bird Box which contributed to social media to promote it dramatically to make it have more than 80 million views.

This contributed to the quest Netflix to exploit the application of Instagram where they and the stories that go up in value continuously, to allow users to watch shows of their favorite movies, series and programs on the app directly as indicated by the location of TNW. Where, the user can open the application of Netflix and choose to watch the content will provide the share feature on the story of Instagram where they will be within the options, and of course participation to include the general shape of loan or share among friends.

It can be said that this add-on you think all those who are pursuing the visual content and want to share it with others, the thing unpleasant is it available for iOS users only for now, but it’s definitely coming for Android users without knowing the specific time so special and that the company didn’t talk in any detail about the date put by them.

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