Netflix and the volume of personal data collected about you!

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Lately we have become all sources of obsession concern about the privacy of our data online, but it’s not limited to our personal data on the site Facebook only, location Netflix Netflix knows about a lot also.

Although there are a lot of companies and video streaming services direct, a company Netflix American on the the largest share of the market, this is evidenced by the numbers serving more than 118 million subscribers in 190 countries and more than 140 billion hours of TV shows and movies per day.

With this many users does the site Netflix is able to access their own data?

Recall that Netflix had in a month last December to freeze some of the users of their privacy when asked on her official site Twitter saying,” to the 53 people who watch “the Prince of Christmas” Day over 18 days, what is more scene impact you..!

Here are the users a lot of concern about what you know Netflix about them but she defended herself via social media confirmed its commitment to privacy and said: “If this information represents the direction of Watch dogs and do not carry any information about the views personal to specific individuals where we do not refer to specific persons”.

So we today through this report on what he knows the location of Netflix by its users, and what does it do with that data, and what you can do to avoid it?

What is the information obtained by the site Netflix on the level of lawyer?

I’ve updated the privacy statement official to Netflix in the month of January 2017, which refers the company to the they combine two types of information about users:

The first type information provided by the user himself when his involvement in the site or through the contact customer service or when participating in surveys or marketing promotions include: name, address, email, zip code, means of payment and phone number.

Other information is collected when you choose to comment on the artwork or to evaluate or identify the preferred species of them or make settings for the account, or select Preferences in your account.

The second type of information collected by the site Netflix automatically with the daily use of the site, such as: information relating to you and your use of the service and your interaction on the site with the ads that are displayed on it, as well as information related to your computer or any other device you use to access the service such as: smart phones, tablets and Smart TV, receivers, and IP address of your device so he can determine where you sign in from, and viewing history words used in the search and watch for interactions with customer service.

Like many of the companies online if you log on to the website of Netflix from the web browser, it collects information about your browsing history such as cookies, beacons, internet and data declarations.

The site says Netflix: “he’s using the concerns of its members and participants to target their being on websites or other applications but it does not allow for third party advertisements or allow third party applications”.

The website adds it complements the above information with information obtained from other sources, including parties to provide data through Internet or without Internet connection, it is possible to include this information and additional demographic data and data dependent on the interest and behaviour in surfing the internet.

With involved site Netflix all this data?

Privacy statement the company says: “We do disclose your information for certain purposes went into other routes including: Group companies Netflix in order to address the data storage and wide access to our services and Support to you, and so we share with our service providers and external companies associated with the promotions, law enforcement (upon request).

Says Netflix, “she may offer promotions or shared programs require the participation of your name and other information about you with others, but please note that those other actors bear responsibility for their own privacy practices”.

For example: when some companies offer the service of Netflix for free for a limited time if you register at their internet service in that case you’ll get a relationship with Netflix through your subscription and you will have a separate tag with that provider will use their data to explain that relationship.

What permit Netflix to other companies, when using your data?

Says Netflix, “she does not sell member information of the participants and do not sell advertising to other companies and do not allow third-party applications developers to submit their apps through them.”

The company said in a statement “our business model is a subscription service that provides personalized recommendations to you to help you find the shows and movies that interest you”.

Is there a way to download the log to watch?

Not now, where the website says “he’s looking for additional methods and improved to prevent the members more access to information that they want access via their accounts, including viewing history”.

What about the scan log viewing and start from New?

Yes you can do it, where you can find titles that I watched on Netflix by visiting the following link while logged in to your account, in addition to access to this page also from your Account page on the site which will show all the addresses that you see in the activity page viewing unless you choose to hide. And you can hide the individual titles or series by clicking the “X” next to this title or serial.

So what can you reach it?

Log in to your account by clicking on the option “your account”, will continue this page access to your data such as e-mail method of payment and the archives of the billing modern anddifferent information relating to your account such as: the content that you have shared evaluation and feedback of your activity viewing IP addresses and a modern (available under the activity watch). In almost all cases members who are looking for this information can find it on this page as you Netflix.

Can the customer withdraw from participation?

Used Netflix cookies and advertising to deliver ads that rely on user interests.

Users can unsubscribe at interest-based ads based on cookies through the tool Evidon of Netflix, and based on the ID of my ad (on a smartphone or tablet) by creating the appropriate setting on the machine, and it is usually found under the privacy option or the ads in your device settings, in both cases you may remain users watch ads Netflix, but us are customized according for their interest.

Is there anything else we need to know about data privacy?

Tell Netflix they provide the controls the same for all members worldwide, by their accounts, but some areas have different requirements about communication such as email and text messaging, the company says it takes into account those requirements when shopping by providing the appropriate options to these requirements.

Members can cancel their subscription at any time, it is worth mentioning that Netflix you delete the account automatically if it remains cancelled for more than 10 months, unless the member deleted by contacting the company on from the email address associated to their account.

And remember the company in the safety in the regulation of fertility: “she’s using regulatory measures and physical, administrative and reasonable to protect your personal information from loss, theft and it is accessed and used and modified in an unauthorized. But unfortunately, there are no measures to guarantee safety 100%. Accordingly, it is not able to guarantee the security of your information”.

Netflix and the volume of personal data collected about you!

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