Netflix announces plan to raise$ 2 million to the industry new content

نتفلكس تعلن عن خطتها لجمع 2$ مليار لصناعة محتوى جديد

Announced Netflix announced its plan to enter again the market of the debt to collect the amount of$ 2 million for the production, the content of a new competitor, and in light of the growing competition between IT companies provide services to other visual like WarnerMedia Disney and others that have moved to distribute their products on their own without relying on a partnership with Netflix.

The company said in its announcement on the investors that the building wishing to collect it would be to make group content visible new in addition to invest in the acquisition, production and development in the line of the content displayed, and use it also in the benefits the financial implications of buying assets or investing money in plans and changes strategy, where the company explained that the collected money will be in the Notes To Financial like loans not guaranteed in the currency of the dollar or the euro.

This is considered the last resort where a company proposal to finance its investment plans, where I noted this issue in the midst of announcing a third-quarter profit not for the current year, explained leadership in conjunction with this figure is derived from the company’s need for continuity of investment in the production of its own content, keeps track of the competition with companies that offer similar services, whether existing competitors or new entrants who expect to increase their number in the coming years.

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