Netflix brings “feature downloads smart” on the iPhone and iPad

The application supports Netflix download movies and TV shows to watch offline on iOS devices, but the process was manual some thing. Now your iPhone and iPad extends your feature downloads Smart Downloads, which means that it will delete the solutions that have been downloaded and watch them then download the next episode automatically.

Just as is the case in the system of Android and Windows 10, you can watch my Netflix run “feature downloads smart” manual on and off as needed. Not work downloads Smart also only on Wi-Fi; so there’s no danger from using cellular data by mistake, if that is a concern.

I know of

Trying to download a smartphone to be smart about loops that you want to delete. For example, if you downloaded the first three episodes of the series, will feature to download the fourth episode after viewing the episode the second and delete the first loop with respect to the two second and third.

Turn on or turn off the “downloads” from the Downloads section in the app

  • Click on the icon of the Downloads.
  • From the top of the Downloads section, select the “Downloads smart”.
  • Use the switch to turn “downloads smart” on or off.

Turn on or turn off the “Downloads smart” from the Settings app

  • Click the Menu icon.
  • Scroll down and select Application Settings.
  • Under the heading of downloads, use the switch to turn on /off downloads smart.

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