Netflix choose a feature to allow re-some of the scenes automatically

نتفليكس تختبر ميزة تتيح إعادة بعض المشاهد بشكل تلقائي - netflix

The network began Netflix is testing a new feature across its service to broadcast content, so as to allow re-running some of the scenes are instantaneous and automatic through the notification appears to the user while watching a movie or serial or even a favorite program and has this stuff on the option to view the scene.

And the water to notice the user the possibility to restart some of the scenes in the original presentations from Netflix, and of course, as is evident from the test will be scenes selected from other content that the company has its production without any information about the possibility to add all the content available on the platform.

Maybe be a good feature in the mission’s view, where help to recreate the scene from beginning to end without the submission and content gradually using sound like, but on the other side will be not good in the eyes of the other, especially if they were replaying some of the scenes distancing the viewer from the completion of the offer, which comes out of the general atmosphere of the watch.

It is worth mentioning that the water under test in the United States, and whether the Netflix release water in all the world than not, they will provoke disagreement among users about the importance, which the company itself to happen to the newspaper The Los Angeles Times about that water still in the beginning of the testing phase and probably won’t be available to everyone.

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