Netflix choose a monthly subscription at $ 4 only

In order to increase its user base in one of the most important emerging countries which are characterized by the adoption of the users on their smart phones heavily, and started broadcasting service on Demand Netflix is testing a monthly subscription New worth just$ 4 provided that it is used in content sharing via smart phones exclusively.

This subscription in India 250 rupees less than 4 $ which is the price very low helps less than half of the cheapest subscription routine in bouquets Netflix known.

India is a huge market still undetected after, and Netflix has entered him officially in 2016, but has the number of subscribers is very low in accordance with the statistics 2017 equal to a little higher than half a million subscribers, and aims Netflix raised it to 100 million subscribers at least.

The number of smartphone users in India at a great rate so increased from 199 million users in 2015 to 340 million users at the end of 2018, it is expected that this number will double by 2022 and pluck Deluxe want their share of this huge market of viewers.

In addition to the number of smartphone users, featuring India that has cheaper connections to the internet via mobile phones in the world, so the smart phones turned into a screen-up key for visual content rather than dialogue.

Look for less applications profit in India, Netflix received the highest ranking by selling subscriptions through the app stores, so they miss out on the local applications similar.

Working Netflix on the strategy of multi-parties to penetrate the Indian market, it crucial that users have a high sensitivity towards, and also the custom content where it began by providing a large number of serials and movies popular in India as well as business of India exclusive of its production.

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