Netflix choose a property list of the “ten best”

نتفليكس تبدأ رفع أسعار اشتراكاتها بداية من الولايات المتحدة - netflix

Announced Netflix from reaching its 148 million subscribers around the world increased beyond expectations over the past three months as added 9.6 million new users, and to provide more content in front of these, I began testing the feature list of the ten best to allow you to know what’s available to the world around you.

Currently choose Netflix water in the United Kingdom and within each section of the ratings of movies and series there will be a list of the ten best and in which – as its name suggests – movies, series, the top watch during the week for each classification independently, the menu is updated weekly. This adds water to each of the other methods to display and explore content, the most common currently.

Unusually, for the first time, Netflix started to know the number of times of viewing for each of her movies exclusive in the first person.

And don’t expect Netflix on the lips of its executive director to be affected by the entry of Disney into the market as a competitor is huge and its big exclusive due to the different nature of its work by the work of Disney. Expects Netflix to continue all the companies together for success in the sector of video-on-demand.

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