Netflix choose to display ads to a promotional video in between episodes


Do you mind pay to subscribe to the Youtube service Premium? Used the free version of the service Spotify is? If you are, you’re used to definitely deal with the ads because you do not pay for use of the paid version of these services, the ads are a way that you can by the companies to achieve income. However, given that there is a free version of the service Netflix, so you’ll want to see the ads on this service?

If you have been seeing ads for this service, you are not alone because the test the latest of Netflix rile a lot of users. According to a report from the site of Cord Cutter News, it appears that Netflix choose insert shows a promotional video in between episodes and movies. Since then, the company stressed that Netflix they choose it already, and do so with a small percentage of users.

Promotional videos that you, at least at the present time to promote the library of movies and series and software a subsidiary of Netflix so that you don’t know the ads overall that you may expect from YouTube. However, what is worrying is that be replaced easily advertising the actual, given that the logo of Netflix is to get a viewing experience free of ads, it appears that many users are uncomfortable with the possibility of carrying such ads even when you pay for the service.

Rest assured Netflix users as many tests throughout the year, which means that there is a chance that is to get rid of these promotional ads forever. In addition to the reactions encountered, it might be best for the company to get rid of this idea at the moment.


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