Netflix confirms its plans to launch a subscription low cost

Revealed company Netflix on Wednesday announced its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, where a decline in the growth of subscribers in its service, where it added 2.7 million new subscribers only and was expecting 5 million subscribers, at a time when companies such as Disney to enter the market of broadcast entertainment.

The company said it will launch a line of subscription driven a new low cost from the Indian market, which is one of the growth markets of large global companies, where the company aims to find ways to accelerate the slow growth all over the world.

The company said that the reduction in its plans for subscription, which starts from 8$ in the Middle East, and the$ 9 in the United States would help them reach more subscribers in India and the expansion of the subscriber base of the total, and the new plan would be available in India in the third quarter, and the company currently has 2 million subscribers in India.

Netflix started a Test Plan subscription low cost in India and some markets, the other in Asia late last year, and restrict the use of the portable device only one, the maximum resolution of 480 pixels.

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