Netflix considering offering cheaper plans in some markets attract more subscribers


The cost of subscription is cheaper in the service of Netflix towards $ 7.99 USD per month, at least in the United States of America. It allows you plan to watch movies, serials and TV shows from Netflix on one device at the same time. However, there are three other plans cost more allow movies in 4K on multiple devices at once. At the time that made the company great success with these plans, it may be time for Netflix to offer cheaper plans in some markets to increase the subscriber base.

CEO of Netflix, Mr. Reed Hastings in an interview with agency Bloomberg that the company may choose plans cheaper in some markets. There are not a lot of detail about this plan at the present time. He didn’t say Mr. Reed Hastings whether that would simply cut prices in some markets or offer cheaper plans in the market such as those that operate Netflix currently because Mr. Reed Hatings not reveal to us about the markets that might know where the company plans its cheap.

The report adds that these plans cheap shed can be a different path. You may not say evil only to reduce prices, it has also talked of additional features in the plans the cheapest. However, information on this aspect is still slim at the moment.

Analysts believe that this strategy may help Netflix to achieve more success in markets like India where it has the possibility to earn about 100 million subscribers. As to the existence of cheaper plans in this market would enable Netflix to compete with local services more effectively which are a little cheaper.



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