Netflix describes the technical limitations behind off to support some young smart

Announced Netflix recently announced that it would stop supporting some young smart old, and sent an error message appeared on the screens of many users that weren’t quite clear about the reasons for stopping support.

Last week, I mentioned several reports that some of the screens Roku, in addition to screen the old Samsung will soon support Netflix published a note on the support page of their own, where they said Netflix that affected users will start to see error messages about the changes that she said it because of “technical constraints”.

A spokesman for Netflix told the media that they had informed all the affected users with further information about young alternative supported so they can continue to enjoy Netflix without interruption”.

The spokesman added that the change will affect “a small number” of young and old, indicating the company is constantly working on improving the product, but in relation to the screen Roku in particular, receive a problem in young and old that are running Windows Media DRM.

Since 2010, the use the Netflix system, PlayReady, said the spokesman he’s as of December 2 will not be able to screen old that she can’t upgrade to PlayReady to use the service.

A spokesman Roku that many of the young women affected aged from 8 to 10 years and observed that young and old can’t keep up with the new software forever.

Source: Gizmodo

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