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Choose a service Netflix a new way to help users find TV shows and movies that they wish to share through the launch of the collections feature, which is currently tested on devices (iOS).

Although Netflix offers substantive suggestions about things to share, based on a view log of Netflix, but that communities not only depend on the topics.

According to Netflix, the address format being by experts in the creative opportunities of the company, are organized into these groups based on similar factors, such as the type and strength; and personal qualities.

This coordination is done by the human element from the way in which the live streaming service of its recommendations.

The Netflix classification system is developed, where there are hundreds of niche categories that exceed the broad groups such as “action” and “drama” and “science fiction” and “romance” and the like.

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These sub-categories for people to get the recommendations more specific and targeted, and watching Netflix also addresses common blockbuster over its service, so that the user can control which watches the others also.

In the event that you have participated in the test, the choice of groups available in the top right of the home page for the application, and you can follow the group from the Home screen, or you can click on them to explore their titles.

The cleaning suggestions in the collections of the editorial, with titles, such as (Let’s Keep It Light) and (Dark & Devious TV Shows); and (Prizewinning Movie Picks); and (Women Who Rule the Screen).

In the event you click on the group of interest to you, you’ll stop to show thumbnails for the titles proposed under the heading explains what the group, you can choose to follow the suggestions from here, too, which is supposed to wear a system alert Netflix.

A spokesman for the service: we are always looking for new ways to connect teachers to addresses that we believe that it will, so we choose a new way to implement the titles Netflix to groups on the application of the Netflix system (iOS).

Added “choose our choices are generally on hand duration, and in any of the countries being tested, and may become or not become the permanent features in our service”.

This test while at the same time Netflix on the feature to retain current subscribers amidst increased competition, including competition from competitors of the next two, such as (+Disney), and (+Apple TV), among others.

Launched the service recently feature allows users to track new releases and coming soon, as a means to make the participants predict what will happen.

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