Netflix improvement the elements of parental control, you can now protect all of the accounts using the PIN

netflix app

Launched Netflix parental controls on the basis of age in 2018, and now the company has to provide more features to help you control what he’s watching little.

Protection using a personal identification number PIN has been extended to cover all accounts in full and restrict viewing only to the address corresponding to the age groups specified. In the past, you can only put movies, series and selected behind the lock PIN. However, you still have the option of targeting specific addresses, and her Netflix completely from the personal accounts for your children. Can also accounts for the parent to review what has been the participation of the children’s accounts.

A great choice the other made by Netflix is to disable autoplay for the next layer in the accounts of children, which would help in curb the voracity of the watch.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that you can set the new controls this on the computer or through your phone, and you only need to move to your account settings to do this. The page displays ” Profile and Parental Controls ” now quick information about restrictions for each personal account.


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