Netflix is developing a payment gateway external users of the iOS to avoid paying commissions to Apple TV

نتفليكس تطور بوابة دفع خارجية لمستخدمي iOS لتجنب دفع عمولات لآبل

After reports that occur before three months about the selection of Netflix for a new way to activate service subscriptions on the Apple App Store for iOS, the network began its way to avoid paying a percentage of earnings contributions for the Apple TV, where it has developed a payment gateway is an electronic on its website to activate the subscription instead of doing it directly on the app.

Designed new way to avoid paying 30% of the value of the subscription to the developers of iPhone through iTunes, so that when the user wants to subscribe or renew his subscription to the old application will load it to the web site to fill data subscription through the payment gateway developed by the company, and then will get the data in to the app to enjoy content.

It is worth mentioning that users of Netflix, the current will continue to renew their subscriptions in the normal way without having to activate via the new portal, but new subscribers or who have ended their subscriptions a while ago and wanted to activate it, you have to follow the new way.

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