Netflix is working on a new subscription to developing states for 4$ a month

According to a new report from the TechCrunch website report, Netflix wants to expand points of their spread in developing countries by working on-line subscription to the new custom of developing states in Asia at a low price by 50% of the lowest price for bouquets current.

According to the report, the new package will be priced at just$ 4 as confirmed a spokesman for Netflix it is under test currently in Malaysia and will be applied in a few countries, notably India, Indonesia, and others.

Until now I didn’t know Netflix about the advantages of the new package but is expected to be dedicated to the phones only with the display of content is strictly HD only or Ri SD resolution, with the possibility of analysis of the watch without the need for internet.

It is worth mentioning that Netflix had previously announced it is working on more than 100 movie and TV show dedicated for the Asian in a move aimed to increase proliferation in Asia.


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