Netflix make a feature to Download Movies and series to watch them in developing more smarter


The Netflix provide the ability to Download Movies and series to watch when you’re not connected to the internet in the year 2016. Of course, this feature was very useful for those who find themselves without an Internet connection often, and wish to follow the presentations of their favorite motion pictures. Work Netflix now to make this feature smarter, so that they become automatically loads the next episode of a serial or a television program that the user is watching.

Gonna feature transfers smartphone ” Smart Downloads ” from Netflix to download the next episode of the show or TV program automatically. When the user is watching an episode has been downloaded, you feature conversions smart to delete that episode and the next episode automatically.

This will facilitate life to users given that it will search in memory for episodes that no longer need them delete them so that they can download the new episodes. Will feature transfers smartphone to increase the storage space on the device so as to provide the maximum amount of blank space for content.

Won’t say the feature analysis smart analysis of the following solutions only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, this means that it will not do so when it is using Internet Data portable. Users will be given the option of retaining this feature is disabled in the Downloads section ” Downloads ” in the application of Netflix for Android If they wanted to retain the old layers instead even be able to watch them again when they wanted it. Didn’t you tell us Netflix on the date this feature is available for iOS devices.


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