Netflix might not spend heavily on original content anymore


Invested company Netflix billions of dollars in original content over the past few years. Has implemented large projects with a huge budget included presentations of experimental films and series with production costs is huge. You may be spending days heavy on original content are nearing an end, it is now on the company will be the Netflix more careful as to how you do spend its financial resources.

The report indicates the latest location of The Information that is likely to be the company, Netflix has realised the importance of prudent management of the budget for its future amid growing competition from streaming services to movies, series new launches for both Apple and NBC Universal and Disney and WarnerMedia.

It is reported that the Chief Content Officer at Netflix, Mr. Ted Sarandos, told a number of senior officials of development ground in the field of television and cinema in the last month that Netflix now to be rational more in relation to spending on projects that require large budgets for production.

You need all of the upcoming projects to attract a large number of viewers rather than believe the media headlines because it had the admiration of critics or earned the company more credibility. One of the examples provided by Ted Sarandos on it was the movie Triple Frontier, which failed to reap a lot of views, despite the fact that Ben Affleck is playing the title role in this film which cost the company up to $ 115 million.

In the beginning, it was on Netflix to invest heavily in large projects that require big-budget because she had a point to prove. She wanted to show everyone that they can also produce content that can win the Oscars or the Emmys. Not succeeded in proving this point of view, it appears that Netflix now thinks he can use the money better in the production of a fewer number of performances with the increase of the ratio of views and the number of participants in the service.

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