Netflix now allows users to share the titles of the presentations in the story on Instagram


Although Instagram wasn’t the first to shoot a feature story, but it has achieved great success where I managed to convince advertisers to start using it, and has been adding a large number of new features too, such as polls, questions, etc. of other features, and converted into a powerful tool to some extent.

It seems now that if you are a user story and you have a subscription to Netflix, you can already watch titles Netflix story on Instagram. Note that it will not be watching the movie or series itself, but only the title. This means that if you are looking for some of the comments about whether the movie or the show well or not, you can watch this title, as the story on Instagram to get comments from followers.

Users can also use this feature to recommend shows they think they are good. If the application of the Netflix installed on the devices of users who know the story, you will be opening the link to display on the app. Before that, users can always see the addresses of Netflix, but this update make a feature common to come from Netflix itself, which makes the story look stylish because it is designed specifically for it.

Given that the marketing by the customers themselves is marketing the best and most effective, it may be a useful way to help attract attention back to what is behind the methods of the usual advertising.


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