Netflix presents Amr Diab in an exclusive drama

نتفليكس تقدم عمرو دياب في عمل درامي حصري
Amr Diab in an exclusive dramatic work

Netflix, which provides entertainment on the Internet, said on Tuesday that it had agreed with Egyptian singer Amr Diab to return to the field of drama through a new work on its electronic platform.

The company said in a statement that it would cooperate with Diab "to produce a new drama with his starring" returning to the dramas "after an absence of 27 years since the film (Laughter, Play, Love and Love) in front of the late Omar Sharif.

Netflix presents Amr Diab in an exclusive drama

The company did not disclose the nature of the work or its details, nor did it specify the scheduled date for its filming or display.

Diab, 58, made a few films during his career, including "The Two Prisoners", "The Goblins" and "Ice Cream in Gleem".

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