Netflix retreat on unexpected doubts about continuing with the same efficiency

نتفليكس تتراجع على غير المتوقع وشكوك حول استمرارها بنفس الكفاءة

Put network Netflix itself as a key reference is the largest in the world of Industry and broadcast digital content, where he managed to overcome many of the content industry’s traditional in recent years, but according to the last reports, it looks like it will be a temporary phase.

It was expected that up subscriptions to the new network to around 8 million subscribers, but according to reports, the contributions to the timing on the 5.2 million only! Which is much lower than the average private investment growing in the digital content industry.

It has not stopped to this limit, so that the value of shares of Netflix fell to the When 352$ per share after it reached about 430$ last quarter of the year, which impact on the total worth to become a$ 25 million.

Despite the difficulties successive numbers of the participants in the network over the past year, only to fall a sudden in the number of users there is no explanation as youth Director reed Hastings.

Maybe it depends a bit strange after a steady climb in the numbers of participants, so in questions about the extent of continuity of the networks broadcast content successfully, or being the bubble will be over soon. Note that Amazon and Hulu compete in the field, as Apple is seeking to enter soon.

But frankly, the talk about the period of the summer may have had an impact on those numbers, especially with the World Cup, as pirated content from the network and found a lot of sites with ease makes it’s subscription is not necessary to have a lot of people, especially speaking of the countries of Asia and Africa.

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