Netflix will stop supporting some of the screen of the Samsung Smart

Starting from 1 December next, will stop service Netflix to work on some young smart old of Samsung, where did Netflix send an alert to the user devices affected by the resolution.

Provides alert Netflix that the service will not be available after December 1, 2019, the terms of this declaration is somewhat helpful, and does not disclose details about why they dropped support for the old monitors, other than as “technical constraints”.

What are the screens from Samsung that will be affected by this exactly? We don’t know exactly, and there is not even now a lot of information that can be presented in terms of old, while Samsung’s list of devices compatible with Netflix in addition to guides on how to use the service.

Whatever technical limitations that may prevent the screen of the Samsung Smart old have access to Netflix in the future, there’s not much Samsung can do to avoid it, and this change affects the screens marked with the Samsung brand only.

Source: SamMobile

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