Network Barlow says that 200 thousand SAR log in during the hours

شبكة بارلر تقول ان 200 الف سعودي سجلوا بها في خلال ساعاتnetwork Barlow says that 200 thousand SAR log in during the hours

Cause the flow of about two hundred thousand users from Saudi Arabia, they feel frustrated than they say it’s censorship of Twitter in the give social network a small Barlow which describes itself as a ”think on the freedom of expression“.

Said John Metz, CEO and co-founder at Barlow told Reuters that the creation of all those new accounts unexpectedly since Sunday, raising the total number of users Paarl to the more of like he has to give some of the posts.

The influx of users to the presence of a combination of non-certified users on Barlow, who was probably home to supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump since the start of the run of a year ago.

Concluded analysis by Reuters and the group CItizen Lab, a research group Canadian, that many of the new users came from Saudi Arabia. Promoted these because of their moving to the Barlow possum (hashtag) on Twitter, accusing the social network of strangling freedom of expression by banning the users arbitrarily.

Refused to Twitter to comment on whether the organization has taken any new action against the Saudi calculation may be paid to sudden in Paarl. It is not yet clear how many of the users of Barlow new stop using Twitter.

And used some new accounts on the Barlow allowed out of Twitter or posted a photo for blue in distress, using the Twitter logo to refer to the receding level of the House. Resorted to other users to the threat to withdraw the letters directly to the head of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The Saudis of the most important users of social networks, especially Twitter. Kingdom biggest base of Twitter users in the Middle East, where there are 11.7 million of its citizens at home, according to the company Crowd Analyzer control social media Arab.

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