Network Disney plus reveal the supported devices, at the time All Subscription prices

Proliferated rumors about the network broadcast by the Disney giant, which owns all of the Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic today confirmed the date of the opening of the service officially, which will be on November 12 of the current month.

When launched, the service would be available for all famous platforms including Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, TV Android, Android phones and also the computers and browsers in addition to chrome Dreamcast, PlayStation and other multiple.

Service starts its work in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands that the price of a subscription 6.99 USD to the company or 69.99 USD for the entire year as it is after the start of the work week -any in on November 19 – will begin at the expansion in need Australia and we can expect to encounter in the rest of the world sometime in the beginning of the year 2020.

Possible in the new house is that Disney has announced that it will provide a package that includes content platform Disney the same in addition to the content platform my ESPN+ and Hulu so for just$ 12.99 a month which offer a very valuable because the user will be able to enjoy the content of the three platforms Rich in exchange for the amount he was paying for content Netflix only!

Source: TechSpot

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