Network Facebook has removed more than half a million fake account this year


The network announced a Facebook today announced a range of new changes that are part of its efforts to re-structure its network services. Among the changes announced by this social network we publish a report every three months about element collages, and support of terrorism, hate speech and accounts of counterfeit, and other other things. Revealed network, Facebook today also she did the deletion of more than half a million fake account this year.

Will report quarterly to the extent of user participation for content mentioned above and the amount of what has been removed before you even say a user reported content that violates the new guidelines set by the company. Perhaps not surprisingly, to be a content site and junk accounts, fake on the top of the list, in the first quarter of this year alone, the Facebook remove 837 million undesirable element و538 million fake account from the social network.

The company is also applying its guidelines on the 21 million related component of sexual activity, and 1.9 million related component of support to terrorism, and 2.5 million element related to hatred, 3.5 million item related to work. The monitoring systems Facebook mechanism nearly 100 percent of the content related to the content area and disturbing terrorism, while monitoring the 99 percent of fake accounts.

On this subject, stated Vice President of Product Management at Facebook, Mr. Guy Rosen said : ” We believe that increased transparency leads to increased accountability and responsibility with the passage of time, the dissemination of this information will prompt us to move faster also “.



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