Network Facebook launches feature to check the validity of the news in more countries


Had on Facebook to deal with a lot of criticism because of its failure to prevent the wide spread of misinformation and the news fake during the presidential election of America for the year 2016. Since then, the network Facebook launched new features aimed at preventing the spread the news fake on Facebook, check the correctness of the news was one of those features. Will now feature check the validity of the news to more markets around the world.

Facebook announced about its program demo for OF HEALTH news in India, which is now the largest market in the world, where the company tested this feature. News written in English referred to on Facebook will be verified by the Boom, which is the source supported by network international fact-finding Commission ” International Fact-Checking Network “.

Then are provided the degree of precision of news yet to be validated. The program will start the demo for the first time in the state of Karnataka of India where you will find my election mission next month. The company said in an official statement ” we are younger we believe it’s important to learn from this test and listening to our community while we continue to update ways to make it clear to the people what is the false news in the news feed News Feed their own “.

However, this is not the first international initiative to assess the facts by the police, has been already launched this feature in the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia and the Philippines.



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