Network Instagram choose special features for the accounts of the ” influencers “


We now live in a world where people have jobs, Walid like ” influencers ” on social media. Basically, these are the people who have a large number of followers on social networks like Instagram, where the things that they post, say they understand, and have a chance in the ” impact ” on the shops, such as attending an event, buying a product, etc.

According to a new report released recently from the site of The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that the network is Instagram different features specifically for these influencers. Currently, Instagram is actually separate accounts and regular merchant accounts, the latter get special tools to help get a better idea about their customers.

Will apply the same concept to content creators to adults, giving their Instagram access to different tools to help keep track of their growth, such as data relating to the number of traffickers and non-traffickers, and a system filter for direct messages from brands from those that received them from friends, and provide more information about how to communicate with them, and more. Are test these tools with a small number of content creators before put up for auction of influencers.

According to Ashley Yuki, which occupy the position of director of product at Instagram, it has stated by saying : ” We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, the easiest place to build a community of teachers and also build a personal branding for innovators “. It is not clear how to do Instagram between influencers and casual users, so it remains uncertain how to access these tools at the moment.



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