Network Instagram live integration with Giphy to feature the story ” Stories “


Earlier this year, the network announced Instagram that users will be able to incorporate GIF animations in their own stories after the holding of its partnership agreement with Giphy. But after two months, was removed this integration because of the image of animated GIF racist has been monitored in a database Giphy. And for those who are wondering about the material that will work in this feature, you’ll be pleased to tell you that it’s usually really.

It was confirmed in a report by website TechCrunch, who explained that the network Instagram the re-integration with Giphy to feature the story. However, this applies to network Instagram only where indicated Snapchat recently that he does not have what can now be seen about whether it will re-activate this integration or not. According to the network of Instagram, it has stated by saying : ” we’ve been in close contact with Giphy throughout this process, we are confident that they had established procedures to ensure that the users of Instagram are enjoying a good experience “.

Platform Giphy has also, though in a statement in which it stated, saying : ” We’re sorry. We take full responsibility for this latest incident and shrug GIPHY in any circumstances for this type of content. . . We’re done also a full investigation of the systems and operations of the supervision on the content of our own, and we make specific changes to our operations to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. “

So if you have enjoyed using the animated images are available on the platform Giphy in your own story on the Instagram, you’ll be pleased to tell you that you can use this feature again.



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